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Sep 20, Robbie Cheadle rated it it was amazing. The ghosts of Britain are struggling. Their haunts are being turned into spas and air conditioned luxury mansions and the wonderful ancient features that make their homes feel like home are disappearing rapidly.

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The ghosts of Britain are, in essence, an endangered species. When Humphrey the Horrible, the son of a Scottish legless ghost and a hag, is forced to leave his home with both his parents, his siblings and his grandmother, who died by beheading during the reign of King Henry VIII, he accid The ghosts of Britain are struggling. When Humphrey the Horrible, the son of a Scottish legless ghost and a hag, is forced to leave his home with both his parents, his siblings and his grandmother, who died by beheading during the reign of King Henry VIII, he accidentally meets Rick the Rescuer when the family stops for the night in Rick's school dormitory.

After hearing Humphrey's story and meeting the rest of his family, Rick soon realised that the ghosts of Britain need a sanctuary. He decides to travel with the ghosts to London to meet his MP and petition his to create the much needed sanctuary. Along the way, the family meets up with a number of other homeless ghosts who are keen to join them on their quest.

The group sets off to London and proceed with their plan but they soon discover that the best laid plans can go awry and sometimes it is necessary to pull out the "big guns" to sort out unscrupulous people and thwart their evil plans. I found this book to be a highly entertaining fantasy book for middle school children. Jun 15, Amelia added it. We stayed up late finishing this book last night, and I'm tempted to throw over Percy Jackson in favor of reading Eva Ibbotson's entire oeuvre.

She has such a clear voice and a charming, gentle sense of humor This story is about a family of ghosts who've been modernized out of their nice, moldering home, and are rescued by a boy, who then has to go in and rescue them again. The ending is hones We stayed up late finishing this book last night, and I'm tempted to throw over Percy Jackson in favor of reading Eva Ibbotson's entire oeuvre.

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The ending is honestly pretty perfect. Once again, I find the older children's books are better for reading aloud than most of the more recent stuff, in terms of both sentence structure and chapter length, even if the plots are sometimes a little slower. Mar 13, Nadishka Aloysius rated it it was amazing Shelves: mic-reviews. Eva Ibbotson is a best-selling children's author. Her books have been shortlisted for some of the most prestigious awards in the world including the Whitbread Children's Book Award, the Carnegie Medal and the Smarties Prize.

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She has written books for a variety of age groups, on a variety of topics, and her best known novels include Dial a Ghost, The Star of Kazan and Journey to the River Sea. The book I am re Eva Ibbotson is a best-selling children's author. It is one of Ibbotson's paranormal stories and is funny, gripping and a joy to read. Humphrey the Horrible is a young ghost who lives with his family in a haunted castle.

He is unlike other spooks because he is not scary at all. His ectoplasm is peach in colour, his eye sockets twinkle and his bones make a bell-like tinkly sound. His whole world is turned upside down when some developers move in and upgrade their house.

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The evicted ghosts travel a great distance in search of another place to stay. They end up, quite by accident, in the dormitory of a boys' boarding school. But it is a lucky mistake, since they meet an extraordinary boy named Rick. Rick is concerned with the modernization prevalent in the world. He wants to save indigenous people and endangered animals.

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When he meets the ghosts in his bedroom, he suggests to them that they find a sanctuary. He also confides in his friend Barbara the cook's daughter who suggests that they travel to London and put their suggestion before the Prime Minister himself. The resulting journey is full of new wonders for Rick, since they meet many other homeless ghouls, sprites and vampire bats, all of whom are in trouble due to excessive pollution, deforestation and destruction of ancient buildings.

When they finally manage to reach the Prime Minister, he is in conversation with a Lord Bullhaven. Although the PM has no solution to the problem Lord Bullhaven immediately offers a run-down castle in Scotland as a suitable place for the ghost sanctuary. The relieved travellers make their way to their new home and settle in. They are soon joined by many other paranormal beings in need of shelter. However, the seemingly generous offer turns out to be a trap.

They awake one day to the chanting of an exorcism, led by the evil Bullhaven.

The Great Ghost Rescue

Fortunately, Humphrey is able to survive through sheer will power, and return to the boys' school for help. Rick and his friends arrive with the help of some witches and save the day. Although this series was written in the 's long before the Harry Potter phenomenon, I think it has gained a lot of followers in our post-Potter world. Rowling's work aroused interest in the supernatural and Iva Ibbotson's stories are a fantastic follow-up to young readers thirsting for more. The biggest draw, I think is that the tales are not scary - they are not horror stories.

The ghosts and ghouls are harmless and most often victims of human behaviour. There are also central human characters who embody the best qualities of humanity. The Great Ghost Rescue is no exception. Rick is an honest, resourceful, selfless and committed young person who is willing to travel many miles to help those in need. He is concerned about the future of the planet, as only a child can be.

Another special character I liked was Humphrey.