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Small-time prospectors known as Baraqueros pan for gold flecks at an illegal mine in Colombia. Dredge boats siphoning ore from the Nechi River in Colombia can transform a riverbank in mere weeks, as chemicals like mercury, a banned toxin commonly used to separate the ore, contaminate the water. We visit a sprawling illegal gold mine that has leveled acres of rainforest and chewed away the earth.

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The mine owner directs men working the slough, where gold is separated from the raw ore with the use of water and chemicals, usually mercury. The owner told us she once had to jump into the river to avoid being attacked by criminal groups.


Alvarez pays a percentage of his monthly business to one or more armed groups, he said. He declined to name which groups, but the ELN and Clan del Golfo are known to control much of the area. A trader in El Bagre, Colombia, melts gold he bought from local miners into bars to sell to bigger traders.

A top-heavy value chain

A small-time gold trader in El Bagre, Colombia, shows the gold bits he bought from local miners. He melts the gold down to remove impurities and then makes it into crude bars to sell to other traders and exporters. Pedro Ramirez, known as Chilapo , remains at large from authorities who say he should be under house arrest for trafficking firearms.

He moved the site of his illegal gold mine since we visited him near Puerto Lopez, Colombia, last December.

Mercury-tainted overbank sediment from past gold mining in north Georgia, USA

The amount of money being made from illegal mining in the town appears as high as ever. Mauricio Sanchez and his family continue to receive death threats since they fled El Bagre after the murder of his friend, William Castillo. Sanchez and his family receive special protection through a government program for community leaders targeted by armed groups.

He says the two bodyguards and armored vehicle he has are not enough. Apple continues to rely on a supply chain that includes gold from Colombia to make its products, but the company has said that it opened an internal investigation of the information presented by The Times. For more than 50 years , Colombia had been rocked by violent conflict among the government, left-wing rebels and violent paramilitary groups that financed their war through the illegal drug trade.

Though the largest guerilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia , also known as the FARC, agreed to a disarmament and peace deal nearly three years ago , other violent groups have stepped up to take over criminal enterprises. And the peace deal that inspired so much hope appears difficult to implement : many of the rebels who put down their arms have resumed fighting , and the promise of security and stability has been upended by persistent violence.

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Tainted Gold

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