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Using Epitaph's power to predict the future, Doppio manages to hit close to the now invisible Risotto and extracts scissors safely from his throat. Doppio then guesses that Risotto is using magnetism to create the razors from his body's iron.

Thus he discovers Risotto's location and severs the assassin's foot. However, Risotto recomposes himself, harasses Doppio with scalpels made from the iron in the rocks and takes so much iron from Doppio that the boy suffers from anemia. As Doppio is tricked into throwing his scalpels in the wrong direction, Risotto reveals himself and creates a razor to cut into Doppio's head.

Having guessed that Doppio and the Boss are split personalities and seemingly having defeated his enemy, Risotto is nonetheless suddenly shot down by Aerosmith. The Boss then appears, having revealed that he purposefully told Doppio to throw the knives at Team Bucciarati on the beach, using his anemia to hide from Aerosmith's CO2 radar. Outplayed, Risotto collapses.

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Meanwhile, the Boss orders Risotto to give him back his blood but the assassin attempts a last ditch attack, which fails because King Crimson erases time. Risotto thus dies. The Boss now has to escape from Bucciarati and Narancia, who notice that someone else was here and proceed to search the area. The two eventually find someone, but it is revealed that it is a boy that someone has drained the blood off.

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Meanwhile, Abbacchio approaches a group of kids and helps them retreive a ball. Unfortunately, the Boss was hidden among them and kill Abbacchio.

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Abbacchio subsequently finds himself in the afterlife, where his former partner assures him that at the end, he upheld the morals his had. Team Bucciarati all grieve for Abbacchio but must leave the beach. However, Giorno sees that Abbacchio is holding a piece of rock, eventually discovering a negative of the Boss' face and fingerprints that Moody Blues has created. Abbacchio has fulfilled his mission.

Their efforts catch the attention of an unidentified man who calls them and convinces them that they are allies in the fight against the Boss, whose name is Diavolo. Showing them the Arrow and explaining the origins of Stands, this unknown man claims that the Arrows can unlock another power that could beat King Crimson.

Interested, Bucciarati agrees to meet with the man in the Colosseum, in Rome. However, Diavolo learns that the team is up to something and thus calls forth his worst enforcers: Cioccolata and Secco , Cioccolata being a murderous surgeon and Secco his literal human pet. When the team arrive at a coastal village, they and the whole village begin to be affected by strange mold that grows when the victim goes down. It is Green Day , Cioccolata's Stand in action. Narancia jumps down into the team's boat, resulting in the near-death of almost everyone.

Thankfully, Mista shoots the boat engine to make it explode and push Narancia up to the shores. This feat catches the interest of Cioccolata and Secco, who are filming the whole ordeal from a vantage point. Cioccolata now sics Secco on the team. Meanwhile, Giorno heals Narancia in the turtle, and Narancia has a conversation with Trish about Bucciarati's leadership. When Bucciarati and Mista ascend some stairs, the whole infrastructure begins to sink under the influence of Secco's Stand Oasis which can turn rock to sludge.

While Mista and Bruno reach the parking lot, Secco continues to pursue and eventually wounds Mista.

Golden Wind

Bucciarati then jumps down the parking lot, surprising Secco and pummeling him to force him to retreat. Secco dives underground and then explains to Cioccolata that Bucciarati might be a walking corpse as he wasn't affected by the mold. Meanwhile, the group has already stolen a car and are driving to Rome.

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  • Giorno and Bucciarati use a private moment to discuss further Bucciarati's strange condition, and Bucciarati takes his status as a small blessing that allows him to fulfill his mission. They are interrupted when a mold-riddled corpse falls from them: Cioccolata and Secco have caught up in an helicopter, and the mold begins to massacre Rome's population.

    Betrayed! (Last Plane Out of Paris, Part 5)

    Secco dives to the ground but Giorno and Mista team up to stop Cioccolata's helicopter at the top of a tower. The team subsequently splits up to defeat both Stand users. Bucciarati has decided to handle Secco, but he then discovers that Secco has him beat in strength and speed. Overwhelmed, Bucciarati must flee in the streets of Rome. For his part, Cioccolata is stuck in his helicopter and sees Giorno and Mista arrive for him.

    The Betrayal

    However, when Mista sends five of the Sex Pistols to kill Cioccolata, they notice that he's disappeared and get ambushed, resulting in Mista being taken out. Giorno thus goes to rescue the Pistols with no. Green Day pummels Giorno out of the helicopter but Giorno ultimately makes no. Cioccolata attempts a last gambit by playing dead but is ultimately foiled, and Gold Experience violently pummels him into a garbage truck. Cioccolata is defeated. Secco then receives a voicemail from Cioccolata who encourages him and Secco comes out to fight Bucciarati.

    Unbeknownst to them, the mysterious ally is already observing them. Bucciarati is forced to retreat but is caught up.

    The two then discover that Cioccolata has died by observing the crowd, but Secco surprisingly takes it well as he reveals that he only followed the surgeon for his wealth and treats. Secco nonetheless decides to go to the Coliseum to take what Bucciarati is after. Bucciarati is forced to stop him but another fistfight cements Secco's superiority over Sticky Fingers.


    Thus Bruno goes underground and zips him way throught the soil to join the Coliseum, Secco swimming after him. Using his hearing, Secco relentlessly tracks Bruno and when Bruno decides to stand still, Secco then creates spikes of hardened rock that he makes rain down on the softened ground. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Jean Pierre Polnareff is the mysterious ally and that he must protect his Arrow's secret at all cost. Bruno is forced to move and is cornered but a car is sunk near him and he has Sticky Fingers punch the car's tire.

    The explosion bursts Secco's eardrums while Bucciarati is past caring about them. Resurfacing, Secco incidentally meets Doppio and takes him hostage but Bruno takes him out. Bruno then collapses as his body has reached its limits, and Doppio approaches to execute Bruno for good. Diavolo enhances the ploy by deducing that Bruno is now a corpse who can only see spirits and emitting a bit of his own soul - Bruno is fooled into thinking Doppio is Trish. The two enter the Colosseum where they are confronted by Polnareff from the second floor.

    Polnareff eventually sees Doppio as a suspicious person, and both him and Diavolo remember Polnareff's attempt to investigate the Arrows in Italy only to be nearly killed by Diavolo in person. Polnareff forces Diavolo's hand, forcing the Boss to come out and confront him. Diavolo gets the better of Polnareff a second time, and Polnareff is forced to pierce Silver Chariot with the Arrow in front of Diavolo to protect it. Diavolo kills Polnareff and takes the Arrow. Looking down on the first floor, he sees Team Bucciarati coming to their leader and plans to kill them, but he then sees a new Stand in front of him.

    Soon, the entirety of Rome is put to sleep, the Stand takes the Arrow and a few hours pass. When the team wakes up, they realize that they have switched bodies. Giorno with Narancia and Mista with Trish, to Trish' dismay but the switch doesn't look like an attack as the grous is otherwise fine and they discover that there Stand abilities have been empowered.

    The team then meets with Polnareff, whose soul was put in the turtle Coco Jumbo. Polnareff presents himself and explains that the Arrow unlocks greater power, narrating the incident allowing him to discover that Silver Chariot could gain the power to control souls. He's been forced to completely turn Silver Chariot into Chariot Requiem and the group must now defeat it to take the Arrow.