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I did enjoy what story there was to enjoy to a point, but I wish the author had at least moved things along a bit better and left out the extremely energetic characters' traveling. If the ending had been more fulfilling in some way and not as confusing, I'd probably have given the story more of a chance. But maybe serials just aren't my thing. As always though, kudos to the author for writing a story and getting it out there. I'm sure Helen has other wonderful books, and I'm sure many will enjoy this one where I did not. Sep 13, Bellereader rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc.

Part 1 This is my first ever vampire romance twilight aside ever and boy boy am I glad I made Helen Hardt the first. She has drawn me in to this world without it being tacky or cliche. Hungers and thirsts control all his impulses which is how he finds himself face to face with the intoxicating Erin Hamilton. Everything about this woman calls to him.

He needs her instinctually and this primal urge is frankly undeniable. Always have been a nocturnal person by nature, Erin is used to the crazy that is NOLA nightlife, but when she catches a mesmerizing man vandalizing the blood bank she is left completely stunned. Some hungers and just too powerfully to deny. Part 2 The ties that bind are irrefutable and cannot be broken. Erin cannot understand two things - why she is so drawn to this mystery man that has entered her life and why he continues to rev her up and leave her high and dry.

She should just walk away from this infuriating man but there is something that keeps pulling her to him that cannot be ignored. Dante is incensed when he discovers that someone has hurt this perfect creature that has bewitched him. Learning why she calls to him and what still haunts him from his captivity are paramount to Dante rejoining the world, but digging in to them just may uncover answers he is not prepared for. Part 3 What do you do when the very thing that is your salvation could ultimately be your destruction?

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As Dante digs deeper in to the inexplicable bond that ties Erin to him he discovers answers he would have rather left buried. This woman in such a short time has become everything and when he learns that fate has dealt them a hand that will be very tough to play. Dante already knows he is in very deep with Erin and the very idea of hurting her is abhorrent to him.

Erin is done denying the inescapable pull that Dante has over her and will no longer let anything keep her from the bliss she feels in his arms. It seems like fate has brought them together and who is she to cast that aside? But is it truly fate at play or something else at work? Sep 21, Belle's Book Labyrinth rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , erotic , suspense , paranormal , helen-hardt , vampires. I grew up being a huge fan of vampires so when Helen came out with Unchained, I couldn't wait to read it. At first, I was a little worried because I know many have their own versions of what a vampire is.

Helen's take is extremely different yet works perfectly. She gives Dante and the other vampires a more realistic existence in the real world and defies what I have known vampires to be, but is such a refreshing take. Dante's a broken vampire who is having issues dealing with what happened to hi I grew up being a huge fan of vampires so when Helen came out with Unchained, I couldn't wait to read it.

Dante's a broken vampire who is having issues dealing with what happened to him and falls in a love with nurse Erin, who can't help but be pulled towards him. As Dante struggles with his inner demons, he learns more and more about his ancestry that has him questioning whether being with Erin will put her in danger.

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This book is fast paced, emotional, and sexy. I would definitely recommend it to vampire fans with an open mind to accept a different take on a vampire. May 13, Cheryl rated it did not like it. I am not even going to finish this book! The story lacks enough to keep my interest and want to finish the book.

Feb 19, Ana rated it it was ok. Dante's character just annoyed me. He gets ticked at everyone for not understanding his struggles but doesn't tell anyone what happened to him.

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He's also leaving Erin constantly comes to see her, has a thought, then leaves and it left me asking "what is up with this guy"? Part One Vampire Dante Gabriel escaped captivity only to come face to face with the realization that he knows nothing about his captor or even his own World.

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He lusts for blood, specifically her blood. Something in Erin calls to him but he can't ever act on his impulses. Not if he wants to kill Erin. Erin Hamilton is dedicated to her work. Why then does she not report the man ransacking the hospital's blood bank? She doe Part One Vampire Dante Gabriel escaped captivity only to come face to face with the realization that he knows nothing about his captor or even his own World.

She doesn't understand their connection but she knows she can't get enough. He has a lot to deal with and more to learn. But the way he's drawn to Erin gives me tingles.

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He's such a growly alpha. I love it. This story is completely different from any other Vampire Romance I've ever read. The entire vampiric universe is new, exciting and utterly captivating. There's so many mysterious and secrets that need to be solved and I am superbly excited for what's to come. Part Two Dante's struggles with coming to terms with the nightmares he's suffered isn't getting easier.

To top that someone is after Erin but he can't for the life of him figure out who it could possibly be. As his frustration grows, so does his blood lust and controlling himself is becoming a humongous task. But he's determined to keep Erin safe even from himself. Erin can't understand Dante hot and cold behaviour. She just needs the man to give her what she wants or stay far away. But something is pulling them closer and closer everyday. They can't figure out what it is nor can they stop it. I am more confused and Holy Mother my theories are getting insane. I am absolutely sucked and deeply invested in this World of Vampires.

Just when you thought you'd have answers the story takes an unexpected turn and now you are wondering how will you get on with your life. I love love love Dante and the way he's drawn to Erin. It's so hot, it makes me swoon and hyperventilate. I also have grown to love Erin and honestly can feel her frustration.

I can't wait to see what all really is happening because seriously Dante and Erin just need to do the do and help us all out.

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Part Three Dante knows about the blood bond and that makes him question everything he feels for Erin. He needs to convince her to complete the bond or else their lives would be at risk. The Vampire race is on he verge of extinction and no human believes in them. How could her possibly explain all this to Erin?

More than that how will her stop her from running away? Erin doesn't understand Dante's behaviour but that didn't stop her from falling for him. Things have started getting more and more suspicious at work and she's determined to get to the root of it all. Unaware of the danger that surrounds her from all sides, Erin ventures deeper into the World of Vampires and bloodlust.

If I thought things would get easier than I was dead wrong. Dante is still his amazing brooding self and honestly I love his grump hate and cold routine because he can be sugary sweet too. His connection with Erin is so raw and pure, I can't get enough of it.